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A true Story.

I met a volunteer who decided to share a story from the New Hope Senior Citizens Centre.

“It was there that I interacted with many older adults over the ages of 65. Their level of functioning varied; some were high functioning and able to carry comprehensive conversations while others were lower functioning and struggled to participate in some activities. I developed special bonds with each and every individual who was a member of this Council; however, there is one individual who stands out to me. Her name was Judy; a 78 year old Jewish woman.Perhaps it was the fact that we were both Jewish that we understood one another thus creating a deeper more meaningful relationship. We would laugh at jokes, I would tell her about my family, school etc. Judy was high functioning. She understood what I said with the odd “can you repeat that please” which is all too common for older adults. She used a walker, but was fiercely independent.She had a fabulous sense of humor and was a pleasure to spend my Tuesdays with.

Judy mentioned that New Hope and his volunteers brought a lot of happiness to her life and that it is a great place to join for daily activities and to feel loved. Since this encounter she has been telling her friends about New Hope, their activities and the great experiences she had with the volunteers.


Diving Into New Hope Programming


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From its humble beginnings on Regent Street, New Hope has moved on to its current home on Godfrey Avenue. Thanks in part to the larger space, since 2005 New Hope has been able to offer a number of interesting, informative, and entertaining activities and programs for seniors. For only $10/year, you can become a member of New Hope, participate in all New Hope programs, and if you live in the NDG area, you can even get free shuttle service to/from the Centre! (If you don’t live in NDG, click here to find out other ways to get to New Hope).

One of the most popular programs offered by New Hope is the Meals on Wheels service. New Hope is actually the largest Meals on Wheels provider in western Montreal, and last year cooked, packaged, and delivered 11,576 meals to shut-in seniors in and around NDG. The service is offered three days a week, and frozen meals are offered for the days where they cannot deliver. A three-course meal all for the low price of $5, the Meals on Wheels program is perfect for seniors who are unwilling or unable to leave their home very often.

Also held three days a week, at the Centre, is the Community Lunch Program. These community lunches are not only a great place to get a good meal (last year 4,522 hot meals were served), but a great place to socialize as well. In fact, that’s probably more rewarding than the food itself!

For seniors looking to get some excercise, New Hope offers that as well. A special program has been developed for seniors by the Federal Government called Viactive Exercise. During these classes, which can be done whether you’re sitting, standing, or in a wheelchair, you are not only getting some precious exercise done, but participants will also be able to listen to great music from the 40s, 50s, and 60s, which is much better than whatever kids are listening to nowadays, right? The importance of physical activity cannot be overstated, and anyone that can attend this program should.

There are number of other fantastic activities offered by New Hope, which are all free to members. And since membership only costs $10, you’re definitely getting what you paid for when you join New Hope! If you have any questions about New Hope or the programs they offer, feel free to contact Director Gerry Lafferty at (514) 484-0425, or by email at 

Also, don’t forget to check out New Hope on Facebook by clicking here.

Here is a list of some other programs that New Hope has to offer:

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Meals on Wheels.. a life saver!!!!!


In my field of work, I get to meet and build relationships with many people. Located in an area that has a large percentage of elderly people, I get to develop strong relationship and hear many life stories. One of my customers, who’s husband past away last year, has been telling me how her life has changed since then. With no immediate family in the area, she’s been telling me how going grocery shopping and cooking has become a burden for her. After sharing her concerns with me I decided to take the opportunity to talk to her about my recent involvement with an organization called the New Hope senior Citizen Centre. I also took the opportunity to talk to her about the Meals on Wheels program, which is offered to residents of the NDG area. She was happy to hear that such a service was offered and that it was so cheap!! Yesterday after completing her transactions she thanked me and said she was amazed by the service and the activities that New Hope offered.

What New Hope is All About


Below is the official Mission Statement for NDG’s New Hope Senior Citizen Centre:

New Hope Senior Citizens’ Centre is a grassroots non-profit community organization serving the senior population of Notre-Dame-de-Grace (N.D.G.). New Hope aspires to provide a friendly environment where seniors can thrive through a variety of social and community-based services and activities. By promoting access to volunteerism, civic involvement and other services, New Hope aims to break isolation and foster global health of our community, benefiting the overall well-being of the aging population.

The first sentence tells you almost everything you need to know about New Hope. It exists not to earn a profit, but to help the community. It is aided by a group of volunteers and other employees who are not looking to make a buck, but to improve the lives of the seniors of NDG and the surrounding area. New Hope does this partly by offering a large selection of interesting and engaging activities, programs, and meal plans for seniors.

Membership costs only $10 a year, and with it, you get free access to all activities held at the Centre, and if you need it, you can also get free shuttle service to/from the centre, provided you live in the NDG area. For more on getting to New Hope, click here.

New Hope’s main goal is to “provide a friendly environment where seniors can thrive through a variety of social and community-based services and activities”. Isolation is a big problem facing seniors, and New Hope tries to attack that. The various meals and programs offered at New Hope not only provide the members with some entertainment, or food, but some very valuable social interaction as well. Sometimes, conversing and otherwise interacting with other members is more fun than the activities themselves!

There are so many things that New Hope is good for, and if you, or someone you know, is a senior that could use some physical activity, social interaction or a plethora of other services, then make sure to direct them to New Hope!

New Hope will be glad to answer any questions you might have, as well as give a tour of the Centre if you wish to come in. For any information you might be seeking, call Director Gerry Lafferty at (514) 484-0425, or email him at

Also, don’t forget to check out New Hope on Facebook by clicking here.

Coming to Canada

Following my visit to the New Hope Senior Citizen’s Centre, I encountered an elderly person who shared a great story. After her other half passed away, she became very lonely living by herself in a foreign country with no family surrounding her. Her family, who lives in NDG close to New Hope Senior citizen, informed her that the Centre offers an incredible number of activities, ranging from painting, physical activities etc… After hearing so much about New Hope she decided to move to Canada to benefit from the centre and be closer to her family. Despite the fact that her family was busy and was not always available to drive her to the home, she was able to attend the activities thanks to New Hope’s shuttle service.

She mentioned to me: “Even when it was impossible for me to go out to buy food, New Hope made sure to deliver my meals via their meals on wheels service”.

It is truly great to know that communities such as New Hope offer such unbelievable services and care to the elderly.

NEW HOPortunity !

NEW HOPortunity to meet :

Jacques, Catherine, Mireille, Thérèse, James, Jean, Frances, Louis, Lucienne, Kate,Camille, Alain, Bernard, Elisabeth, Marc, Simon, Nina, Hector, Jacques, Francois, Ségolène, Jack, Thomas, Bob, Olga, Simone, Babeth, Irène, Bianca, Marie, Jane, Lucy, Laila, Thérèse, Sarah, Svetlana, Francesca, Jade, Pénélope, Gary, Hubert, Lucien, François, Jérôme, Nicole, Julia, Henri, Cassandre, Bernadette, Monique, Viviane, Catherine, Marie, Pénélope, Lucienne, Camelia, Marie, Irène, Betty, Marie-France,Lucienne, Sarah, Yves, Nicolas, Margerite, Jacob, Hélène, Jane, Hortense, Mireille, Anne-Hélène and Gabrielle.

The only name missing on that list might be yours ! All those people have lived and still living incredible experiences and they’ll be so happy to share it with you.

Thanks to New Hope Citizen’s Centre those persons gather and exchange every day anecdotes, experiences , slices of life.

And you what about your story?                                                                                                            

Vincent Foglierini

Contact New hope Citizen’s Centre at :

6225 Godfrey Ave  Montréal, Québec, Canada                                                                                     
(514) 484-0425

Our grateful Community

It is truly amazing to know that New Hope is there to help so many elderly people who have few or no family around to entertain or take care of them. Luckily, New Hope includes a total of 75 volunteers who are committed to help its citizens.
As I was visiting the New Hope Centre, I was introduced to one of the volunteers, a lady in charge of organizing the activities. I had the opportunity of interviewing her and asked her questions about her role at the centre.
She said to me “I have been part of New Hope for over nine years and I came up with various ideas such as physical activities, interactive sessions and many more. I wanted to bring hope for these people who are often very lonely ”.
In my perspective, the efforts put into that place by this lady are only one of the many illustrations of the excellent services that New Hope has to offer to the elderly.
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