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Let us Spend time with our seniors

by on March 3, 2012

In my family restaurant there was a 55 years old cook that used to take care of every single aspect in the restaurant.she was considered the spiritual mother for all the employees because she has a unique compassionate she is in one of the city senior center because she has Alzheimer she is isolated from our world that she used to deal with,and we are deprived from her compassion and sense of humor.

The main issue that takes place nowadays is the treatment of the seniors,and how to let them feel of our contribution to them. technological advancement has made the world a true global city with voices to listen at fingertips. However, the loss of warm body next to each other can never be adequately compensated.

seniors are less likely to participate in social activities especially for seniors who are in their upper sixties and beyond.seniors prefer to not be around large gatherings when they participate in social activities, there are ways he or she can spend one-on-one time with a friend or enjoy having coffee and conversation with two or three friends.they have increasing problem with noise and may not be able to participate in conversations in a group setting.however they would be able to communicate with 2 or three people. Many seniors enjoy playing cards or board games, and sharing stories from the past.

There are any numbers of ways that your loved one can participate in social activities . Even those who can no longer actively join in a card or board game can benefit from sitting on the sidelines and watching others. Just being in the presence of other people can lift their spirit.


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