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New Hope.. The place to go!!!!!

by on March 1, 2012

At any age, there are many key factors to mental health and physical well-being.  Throughout our lives up until retirement, we have our routines, whether it be studying, parenting, working, we are always running.  What happens when retirement comes and we no longer have kids in the house or have to go to our jobs anymore? How do we stay healthy? Entertained? In good company?

Many seniors’ community centers exist where people can go to engage in diverse activities with friends, meet new friends or to simply, hang out.

My grandmother is 76 and stays in her apartment alone all the time since my grandfather passed away 3 years ago.  My family and I visit her all the time but we can’t always be there.  We urged her to start visiting senior centre, and since she started, she is a lot happier.  The centre allows her to participate in all sorts of activities like dancing, bingo, art classes and more.

Our dear grandmother, who we love so much, is keeping busy and interacting again, I can’t say how happy my family and I are and this is why I am happy to support New Hope as I believe it can do the same for many people.


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