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Getting To New Hope

by on March 1, 2012

Click the map for a larger version that can be used to find directions.

Some of you may be wondering “I’ve seen all the great programs that New Hope has to offer, but how do I get there so I can take advantage?” Thankfully, we’ve got that covered, with two options below. If you are unable to get to New Hope on your own, are a member, and live anywhere in the NDG area, New Hope offers a free shuttle service. That’s right, FREE. For more information you can call New Hope Director Gerry Lafferty at (514) 484-0425, or reach him by e-mail at

For those living outside of the NDG area, all hope (pardon the pun) is not lost, you can still get to New Hope very easily:

By Car: For those that either have access to their own car or a friend or relative that can drive them, getting to New Hope by car is very simple. As shown in the map above, New Hope is situated in the Knox Crescent Kensington & First Presbyterian Church on Godfrey Avenue, a tiny road sandwiched between Kensington and Grand-Boulevard. Kensington and Grand-Boulevard fortunately cross a number of major streets, including Cote-St-Luc Rd, Fielding, Somerled, Terrebone, Monkland, and Sherbrooke. There is ample free parking in the area surrounding New Hope (it is mostly residential, so watch those parking signs!), so no need to worry though. One important note if you are planning on getting to New Hope by car: both Kensington and Grand-Boulevard are mostly one-way streets, so make sure you factor that into your plans. A simple click of the map above will let you type in your address (it is secure, and no one can see what you type), and perfect directions will easily be offered, thanks to Google.

By Bus: Getting to New Hope by use of public transportation is also very easy. The 103 & 162 buses stop on Monkland within walking distance of the Centre, while the 105 & 138 buses do the same on Sherbrooke. The STM, Montreal’s transit system, has a tool called Tous Azimuts where, much like Google Maps, you can input your address, the address of your final destination (in this case, it’s 6225 Godfrey), and be given a great travel plan for your venture to New Hope.

No matter if you get there by complimentary shuttle, car, bus, or any other method of transportation, New Hope looks forward to seeing you and having you as a member!

Also, don’t forget to check out New Hope on Facebook by clicking here.


From → James

  1. yeh tous azimuts is the sickest… I use it all the time. as for the new hope stuff, this looks sick, I’m gonna tell my grandpa about it. do they have phones there though? like, if i drop him off can he call me to pick him up? he lives in the luc so i don’t think he gets the free shuttle.

    • Anonymous permalink

      WHOA. I totally just discovered this. Awesome!!!!!!!!

    • I’m not 100% sure they have access to a phone there, but I’d say there’s a good chance. Contact Gerry (email and phone listed above) to make sure. Or you could always arrange specific pickup times with him, and he can wait for you indoors, in the warmth, at New Hope.

  2. Thomas Frank permalink

    Crazy… Thanks!

  3. You are the man, great job

  4. Linda Jen Lauren permalink

    Great job bud!

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