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A true Story.

by on March 1, 2012

I met a volunteer who decided to share a story from the New Hope Senior Citizens Centre.

“It was there that I interacted with many older adults over the ages of 65. Their level of functioning varied; some were high functioning and able to carry comprehensive conversations while others were lower functioning and struggled to participate in some activities. I developed special bonds with each and every individual who was a member of this Council; however, there is one individual who stands out to me. Her name was Judy; a 78 year old Jewish woman.Perhaps it was the fact that we were both Jewish that we understood one another thus creating a deeper more meaningful relationship. We would laugh at jokes, I would tell her about my family, school etc. Judy was high functioning. She understood what I said with the odd “can you repeat that please” which is all too common for older adults. She used a walker, but was fiercely independent.She had a fabulous sense of humor and was a pleasure to spend my Tuesdays with.

Judy mentioned that New Hope and his volunteers brought a lot of happiness to her life and that it is a great place to join for daily activities and to feel loved. Since this encounter she has been telling her friends about New Hope, their activities and the great experiences she had with the volunteers.


From → Steven

  1. Jen permalink

    Thanks for sharing this meaningful experience! It’s important that we give back to the older generation. I’ve also volunteered with seniors and I find the relationship I formed very rewarding and special to me.

  2. Joseph permalink

    It is really nice to read about the new generations helping out the elderly and especially hearing about such elderly facilities here to help the elderly live a better life and enjoy what is left of their journey. This center seems great for volunteers to come and help out people who are lonely and need company to keep them smiling. I hope this center continues to survive and to help out the elderly community so that their lives are accomplished and completed with happiness.

  3. Elyse permalink

    That’s a great story! Very uplifting!

  4. This story will only benefit many in the coming years…great job

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