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NEW HOPortunity !

by on February 22, 2012

NEW HOPortunity to meet :

Jacques, Catherine, Mireille, Thérèse, James, Jean, Frances, Louis, Lucienne, Kate,Camille, Alain, Bernard, Elisabeth, Marc, Simon, Nina, Hector, Jacques, Francois, Ségolène, Jack, Thomas, Bob, Olga, Simone, Babeth, Irène, Bianca, Marie, Jane, Lucy, Laila, Thérèse, Sarah, Svetlana, Francesca, Jade, Pénélope, Gary, Hubert, Lucien, François, Jérôme, Nicole, Julia, Henri, Cassandre, Bernadette, Monique, Viviane, Catherine, Marie, Pénélope, Lucienne, Camelia, Marie, Irène, Betty, Marie-France,Lucienne, Sarah, Yves, Nicolas, Margerite, Jacob, Hélène, Jane, Hortense, Mireille, Anne-Hélène and Gabrielle.

The only name missing on that list might be yours ! All those people have lived and still living incredible experiences and they’ll be so happy to share it with you.

Thanks to New Hope Citizen’s Centre those persons gather and exchange every day anecdotes, experiences , slices of life.

And you what about your story?                                                                                                            

Vincent Foglierini

Contact New hope Citizen’s Centre at :

6225 Godfrey Ave  Montréal, Québec, Canada                                                                                     
(514) 484-0425


From → Vincent

  1. Hi Vincent,

    I like your blogs and the way you used the name of the center for the titles it’s kind of creative.
    I might get in touch with the centre for one of my relatives.
    All the best !

  2. Thanks ! I hope those blogs will push other persons as you to contact the centre in order to permit lonely seniors to have a bit of fun. Spread the word around !

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