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What New Hope is All About


Below is the official Mission Statement for NDG’s New Hope Senior Citizen Centre:

New Hope Senior Citizens’ Centre is a grassroots non-profit community organization serving the senior population of Notre-Dame-de-Grace (N.D.G.). New Hope aspires to provide a friendly environment where seniors can thrive through a variety of social and community-based services and activities. By promoting access to volunteerism, civic involvement and other services, New Hope aims to break isolation and foster global health of our community, benefiting the overall well-being of the aging population.

The first sentence tells you almost everything you need to know about New Hope. It exists not to earn a profit, but to help the community. It is aided by a group of volunteers and other employees who are not looking to make a buck, but to improve the lives of the seniors of NDG and the surrounding area. New Hope does this partly by offering a large selection of interesting and engaging activities, programs, and meal plans for seniors.

Membership costs only $10 a year, and with it, you get free access to all activities held at the Centre, and if you need it, you can also get free shuttle service to/from the centre, provided you live in the NDG area. For more on getting to New Hope, click here.

New Hope’s main goal is to “provide a friendly environment where seniors can thrive through a variety of social and community-based services and activities”. Isolation is a big problem facing seniors, and New Hope tries to attack that. The various meals and programs offered at New Hope not only provide the members with some entertainment, or food, but some very valuable social interaction as well. Sometimes, conversing and otherwise interacting with other members is more fun than the activities themselves!

There are so many things that New Hope is good for, and if you, or someone you know, is a senior that could use some physical activity, social interaction or a plethora of other services, then make sure to direct them to New Hope!

New Hope will be glad to answer any questions you might have, as well as give a tour of the Centre if you wish to come in. For any information you might be seeking, call Director Gerry Lafferty at (514) 484-0425, or email him at

Also, don’t forget to check out New Hope on Facebook by clicking here.

the lift of the spirit


To be a senior feeling isolated is one of the most depressed situation the individual could face.many efforts are currently taking place to cope with this issue by government and social organizations.New hope senior citizen,s Center is one of the numerous centers that provide the opportunity to socialize and share activities with other members.How many seniors are currently missing the chance to communicate with others or feeling isolated from our society.A lot of efforts should be done to relief some of senior,s anxieties and let them feel connected to our society;moreover they should be encouraged to participate in our activities.New hope center is playing a vital role by providing the opportunity for seniors to share their activities and feel the warmth of others.

korean drink


North Korean company claimed that it is finally succeeded in producing a natural drink with specifications of miraculous, so that «renew brain cells and fight aging and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

According to what is reported  by the company«Mornbung»  the drink contains 60 kinds of natural elements that are extracted from more than 30 kinds of plants and rare herbs.

The company quoted that the new drink is characterized by a mixture that contribute to improving and strengthening the mental and physical capacity as it helps to renew and revitalize brain cells.In addition, the mixture protects the skin from wrinkles and dark spots, it also plays an influential role in the prevention against heart diseases and diseases of aging, including Alzheimer’s disease.moreover practical experiences have shown that this mixture gives the skin long-lasting freshness. The company described the drink as «an unprecedented breakthrough in the field of natural energy drinks».Image

Let us Spend time with our seniors


In my family restaurant there was a 55 years old cook that used to take care of every single aspect in the restaurant.she was considered the spiritual mother for all the employees because she has a unique compassionate she is in one of the city senior center because she has Alzheimer she is isolated from our world that she used to deal with,and we are deprived from her compassion and sense of humor.

The main issue that takes place nowadays is the treatment of the seniors,and how to let them feel of our contribution to them. technological advancement has made the world a true global city with voices to listen at fingertips. However, the loss of warm body next to each other can never be adequately compensated.

seniors are less likely to participate in social activities especially for seniors who are in their upper sixties and beyond.seniors prefer to not be around large gatherings when they participate in social activities, there are ways he or she can spend one-on-one time with a friend or enjoy having coffee and conversation with two or three friends.they have increasing problem with noise and may not be able to participate in conversations in a group setting.however they would be able to communicate with 2 or three people. Many seniors enjoy playing cards or board games, and sharing stories from the past.

There are any numbers of ways that your loved one can participate in social activities . Even those who can no longer actively join in a card or board game can benefit from sitting on the sidelines and watching others. Just being in the presence of other people can lift their spirit.

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